Consider R&D Tax Credits When Selling or Buying a Business

If you are considering selling or buying a business, make sure you consider the R&D tax credit and how it comes into play with the transaction.  We often find that clients tell us of an acquisition or disposition after the fact.  Reach out to us on the front-end and we can help navigate what needs to be in place in your agreements for successful R&D tax credit claims following a transition.  

Remember, the research credit is a valuable way of improving cash flow and improving your bottom line.  When you sell your company, the credits will improve its value, and after the sale, the credits can help offset the taxes from the sale.  Don’t let another year go by without claiming these credits.  Contact us for a free estimate of your net R&D tax credit potential, and other tax incentives and tax planning information.

For any questions about this credit, or how we can help you navigate these changes, please contact our team.

Jill Neuvirth

February 13, 2021